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Walt Runkis,CEO/CTO at BitSpray Corporation. Walt is a Renaissance man: scientist, inventor, author, artist, and serial entrepreneur. He is expert in high-technology start-ups and finding low-cost solutions to complex problems. He has two patents issued in the fields of immunochemistry and cellular nutrition He also has three patents issued and one pending in dispersed computer network cryptography and cybersecurity—a technology trademarked BitSpray®. His eclectic technical back-ground includes the disciplines of real-time telemetry and control programming, software application development, video-on-demand streaming, and computer net-work architecture. Walt was a decorated Sergeant E-5 in the US Marine Corps. He served in Vietnam from June 1965 thru September 1966 as a Marine ASRaT

Furthermore, Walt is a God-realized scientist, composer and visionary artist. He was born with a high IQ and an insatiable curiosity. His left brain delved deeply enough into the study of chemistry and physics to give him a basic understanding of how the mechanical universe works, while his right brain stretched his consciousness far enough to know it is not a mechanical universe in which we live. He has had visions and adventures and near death experiences. He has also written books and songs and poetry and software.

The Yogi depicted on page 298 of Walt’s book Three Proofs That God Exists is him as a young man. The photo was taken after he spent eight months in complete snow-bound isolation on a 6,000-foot mountain that borders the western shore of Lake Tahoe. He had two near death experiences the winter of 1968 that changed his life forever. Walt rose to the challenge of solving "The God Conundrum" by using the problem solving skill-sets he routinely uses to successfully push the envelope of science and technology. He is convinced the skills, talents, and abilities he presently prosesses grew out of those and other non-ordinary experiences, plus the stamina to turn his visions into realities.

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Fine Art:
     Visionary Art

     Introducing Xenoshare™
     Xenoshare™ Self-Repairing Network
     What is BitSpray

Patents Issued:
     Artificial Root System
     Immunochemical Purification of Protein A

     8,700,890: BitSpray Advanced Data Dispersion Technology (ADDT)
     9,245,148: BitSpray Over Powerline and XIOBC
     9,594,580: Globally Dispersed Virtual Datacenter, Digital DRM, Email, Messaging

Patents Pending:
     Secure File Sharing Over Multiple Security Domains and Dispersed Networks

Science and Business:
     BitSpray Corporation

Additional Items

* Sergeant E-5 in the U.S. Marine Corps: Forward air-attack controller ("ASRaT"): Combat duty: With the Marine Expeditionary Force, took the beachhead at Chu Lai Vietnam spring 1965. Transfered to Marble Mountain fall 1965. Total tour of combat duty 15 months. Presidential Unit Citation, RVN Galantry Cross (2 palms), Vietnam Service Medal (2 bronze stars), Rifle Expert, Pistol Sharpshooter, plus my research shows there are additional ribbons and medals that were not issued to me because I discharged very soon after returning home.

* Trollworks – Goldsmith and Gem Cutter: Sculpted one-of-a-kind jewelry out of 18k gold, sterling silver and precious stones.

* Lecture Series in San Francisco Bay Area: “Taking an Idea to the Marketplace.” Addressed audiences as large as 300 people.

* Wrote, Produced and Directed a 60-minute video documentary: "Prize Winning Secrets of Professional Growers."

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