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The following quotes were excerpted from Three Proofs That God Exists. This is not an exhaustive list; it is a few selections that may be of interest. Walt is occasionally witty, sometimes irreverent, often provocative, and generally profound.
  "It's not a mechanical universe."

  "The illusion of knowledge is the enemy of truth."

  "There is a Golden Thread of Truth that winds its way through all religions, aggregating and binding their essential teachings into a comprehensible, harmonious doctrine; it strings their basic tenets together like a necklace of fine pearls."

  "The real purpose of miracles and magic is to bring us face-to-face with a dimension of reality that seldom intrudes into our practical mundane world."

  "Learning may eventually lead to knowledge, but for knowledge to be alchemically transmuted into wisdom it must be churned by ceaseless effort and purified in the fires of experience."

  "For people to communicate with any degree of precision, it is imperative they share a common lexicon and symbol-set."

  "Our rational pragmatic minds block us from receiving input that is not presented through our physical senses. It is in sensory input that we trust, not in God."

  "Mainstream theologians will probably disagree, but the perception of 'rightness' can only come from within ourselves and it does not bow freely to dogma and tradition."

  "To live in peace we must keep our own counsel and marshal the courage to always act from a sense of integrity, even when it is not in our self-interest to do so."

  "Actually, the Second Coming came and went—only it was a group event, and those that worshiped dogma, instead of the Spirit, were not invited to the banquet table."

  “For the believer, no evidence is necessary. For the skeptic, no amount of evidence is sufficient.”

  "The only people who are likely to receive wisdom are those who steadfastly do what is right, even if it kills them, 100% of the time."

  "One of the hardest lessons I ever had to learn was that sometimes 'doing the right thing' is not always the right thing to do."

  "Newton does define karma, only it is his First Law that is relevant: 'Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.' The sum of our actions, which Buddhists call 'Interdependent Originations,' places us in a state of uniform motion. This momentum propels us toward our destiny, unless an uncharacteristic action or outside force alters that course and changes our lives."

  "Enlightenment should never be mistaken for perfection."

  "Simply stated, magic is the phenomena of mind over matter which naturally arises when one or more minds are one-pointedly focused on an operation for a sufficient amount of time to achieve a desired result."
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