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Kirkus Interview by Sarah Rettger
Golden Cord Trilogy
The Golden Cord of Arram has high-action sequences and battles, plenty of suspense, and shadowy aliens in the periphery, but the actors on this stage are almost entirely human. Some are caught in the miasma of fascism, and hate-based conspiracy theories, willing to do or say anything to satisfy the drives thrust upon them by their dark will, while other actors fight to preserve individual rights based on harmlessness, love, truth, and the rule of law. It is the eternal battle: autocracy versus democracy. The Trilogy explores novel scientific disciplines, such as the Simian Model of Behavior, a hard-wired behavioral psychology concept Walt developed. It also calls upon his knowledge of Masonic rituals, the Anunnaki, and Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, plus Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, to flesh out the plot and further expound his philosophy. It also has rich romantic inter-actions between some of the actors, and the psychological implications these interactions induce. The Golden Cord will make you laugh, and it may make you cry; it just might make it hard to sleep some nights because it skillfully blurs the boundaries between what is real and what is not.
Three Proofs That God Exists
Three Proofs That God Exists is a distillation of over sixty-years’ experience. Part of it chronicles Walt’s spiritual and professional journey, but it's not really about him. It is about adventures that he experienced and the non-ordinary events he calls cracks in the laws of physics,” which resulted from then. He had his first “brush with the Cosmos” in 1967, during a near death experience, when he strolled in a celestial garden and communed with a formless Being of masculine voice. The Being admonished him to “Look to beauty, look to the East, and never be part of an organized religion.” This and other such experiences profoundly changed his life and continue to provide him with a well-spring of artistic and scientific abilities conventional wisdom cannot explain.
Xenoshare™ Self-Repairing Network
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Xenoshare™ was built on BitSpray® Advanced Data Disper-sion Technology™ (ADDT™). Ir is a computer-to-computer, software defined, cryptographic network technology that empowers data to protect itself. Xenoshare is a unique user interface that automates BitSpray Xtreme™ cryptographic software. Collectively, it took over seven years of intensive research and development to build. The resulting product completely isolates users and administrators from direct contact with data ; they only have access to the vehicle of access. In addition, users no longer have anything to “do”, with respect to protecting information. They merely log into their network, the same as usual, and go about their daily business. Xenoshare runs in the background, out of sight, out of mind, functioning as a real-time extension of the operating system. It was designed from the ground up to protect and share information across multiple networks, security domains, and storage facilities in ultra-high-security environments.
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Saving Our World
The only hope we have of changing the world is to change the minds of the people who inhabit it. Those who are doing the most damage are people who find it easy to ignore the spiritual dimension. If the spiritual dimension is presented to them in a language that is exciting and easy to understand, it may be possible to convince them to act from love, compassion, and integrity, instead of ignorance wrought by hate, avarice, and political expediency. They may see through the evil of autocratic power and wealth that crowns ignorant beings. Ignorance is a sickness that is ravaging our planet. Love, truth, and harmlessness are the medicine we need to facilitate global healing.
Reader Feedback
“It’s a page turner that sucks you in like a novel, then you turn a page and hear music. Great job! Thank you.”

— Richard P, Falls Church, VA
"It took me four evenings to finish reading the book. I was entertained, intrigued, amazed, and most importantly to me, it brought back a long forgotten joy for me...reading. I'd for-gotten how much I enjoy a good book. I plan to read your book again, soon. I always pick up things I missed or gain a greater understanding by rereading something. I'll also take the time to look up words that were unfamiliar to me; that helps."

— Kenny S, Florida
“I was raised Roman Catholic. I nearly lost my faith due to their version of the 3-R’s: rules, wrath, and retribution. The wisdom contained in Three Proofs: That God Exists helped restore my faith. It proved to me that God is real. It is the manmade dogma of the church that is false. This book showed me how to recognize miracles that have happened to me, and that my God is the One God of all religions. It showed me a God of Love I worship in joy, not a vengeful God that I am supposed to fear.”

— S. Macey, Bridgeport, CT
"I declare, I can hardly tear myself away. At one point I was needing to take a necessary room break, and wound up walking like a penguin.

"Do you have a publisher yet? I'd like to purchase three signed copies: one for myself, one for my son (a musician and somewhat free-spirit) and one for my used-to-be husband."

— June G, Brandon, MS
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